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Each year the Dutton Fun Day fireworks display caps off a successful day of activities by astounding its audience with bright, sizzling colors and loud, earthmoving booms. People often gather in the park with friends and family to take in the amazing show. One of the most popular ways to view the show is from a blanket on the grass in the southwest corner of the park or from the bed of a pickup parked close by.  The Star-Spangled Banner is sung while a fireworks display resembling an American Flag sparkles and it’s a sight and experience like no other. Duttonites can be counted on to provide “oohs” and “ahhs” in response to their favorite fireworks. There is also something to be said for Dutton and the surrounding areas’ flat terrain—the fireworks display can be seen in the night sky miles and miles away. The show is scheduled to begin at 10:45 . Special kudos to the Dutton Fire Department for assisting the private crew setting off the fireworks and for monitoring viewer’s safety.

Come and enjoy the best fireworks show around!

Ka-blooey!  Boom!

Ooh!  Aah!