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July 9th, 2016

July 9th, 2016 is Dutton Fun Day.  This celebration of activities for the whole family is designed as a fundraiser to support the town’s swimming pool and recreation complex.

Prior to what is now known as “Fun Day,” Dutton held “Merchant Days,” “Chautauqua,” “Golden Jubilee,” and, beginning in 1959, “Harvest Festival” which raised money to maintain the Dutton Community Youth Center.  1968 saw the opening of the swimming pool and recreation complex, a project funded by local contributors, as well as the Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  An article written in the Great Falls Tribune announcing the opening of the new complex was headlined “Dutton Holds Fun Day Program to Open Recreational Complex.” Thus, the name “Fun Day” was created and has appropriately remained since.

Following is a Fun Day Schedule.  A quick reminder: weather has always been a factor during Dutton Fun Day.  Anything from sizzling heat to thunderstorms and showers can be expected, so come prepared for hot or cold weather. The Fun Day committee are looking forward to a safe, exciting weekend! Hope to see you here!

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